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Private lessons and corporate interest are welcomed! Call (304) 694-5678 or email

Why should I try or practice yoga?

Yoga offers us the opportunity to slow down, check in, and reset. The meditative components and physical flow of yoga creates space that helps balance our inner selves and outer spaces. Much wisdom and peace can be found by integrating a yoga practice into our busy and chaotic lives. We teach to all levels at the same time and invite you to just try it out. In the event you are interested in private lessons, please call or email us.

Yoga is breath and body alignment

Yoga is not about flexibility and fancy tight pants (say what??!!).


In Sanskrit, yoga means “to concentrate” or “to yoke”. Yoga comes from the root word “yuj”, which means “to unite, add, or join”. The practice of yoga is ancient and dates back to 6th/5th century BCE.

Meet Christina

Christina Parrish is a dedicated yoga instructor and practitioner, who has experienced first-hand how dramatically a consistent yoga practice can positively change and maintain your mental and physical health. Christina received her RYT 200 certification in 2015 from BlissBlissBliss and 3rd Street Yoga’s exceptional 9 month program and started teaching shortly thereafter.

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